Canary seed and pineapple diet benefits

Slimming often requires a natural supplement. This is why the diet of canary seed and pineapple diet is one of the most favorable. It does not imply starving yourself and it allows you to see results in a short time.

It is a diet that has promoted a weight loss of about 3 kilos per week, which accounts for a natural regulation of metabolism. The virtues of canary seed and pineapple diet are perfect for weight loss, while providing nutrients to the body. It has been proven that its properties rejuvenate, purify and revitalize the skin. It is a preparation with many properties.Canary seed and pineapple diet benefits

Recommended consumption of canary seed

The canary has virtues that can benefit a lot of people. However, they particularly favor people with overweight, cellulite, diabetes, and high cholesterol. It also cures skin problems such as: acne, eczema, rashes or hives. It can be added to this, the relief that gives to colds and respiratory discomfort of all kinds.

Properties of pineapple

Pineapple is a tropical fruit whose natural composition also regulates the intestines and provides diuretic actions that cleanses the kidneys. It’s germicidal and anti-inflammatory capacity can be added to this. Both canary seed and pineapple diet are also a source of large amount of antioxidants.

The canary seed and pineapple diet

Actually it is a very simple proposal and includes consuming bird seed milk in the beginning. Take two or three glasses a day (depending how much weight you want to lose), meaning 20 kilos above the ideal weight. Drink this mixture before each meal.

The pineapple should be consumed in an empty stomach, 2 or 3 unsweetened slices in any way. In the afternoon you should drink fresh pineapple juice, or consume another 2 or 3 slices of pineapple.

When the pineapple is consumed in the morning it is necessary to allow about 20 minutes before consuming the glass canary seed or any other light food. It is valid to consume anything, except for the foods, sausages or foods with refined white sugar. At lunch or dinner you can consume preferably light foods. Fruit cannot be included. You have to drink the canary’s milk about 10 minutes before each meal. After an hour has elapsed after each meal, a portion of pineapple should be consumed. This can be varied with fresh pineapple juice, preferably homemade. Avoid commercial versions that usually have a lot of sugar. Make sure that this process is accompanied by the intake of at least 2 liters of water during the day, to detoxify the digestive system. This diet of canary seed and pineapple diet needs to be made for a certain time as a digestive option. Then you have to maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

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