Can masturbation cause erectile dysfunction? We tell you the truth

Erectile dysfunction is well known to be a problem that can affect a large number of men, knowing as the disability to achieve a satisfactory erection. It is a problem that can affect your self-esteem, make you embarrass and even cause divorce of couples, so it is important that every man suffering from erectile dysfunction consult the doctor and with the purpose of identifying the cause that originated. Many of the men have ever wondered can masturbation cause erectile dysfunction.can masturbation cause erectile dysfunction

It is important to mention that masturbation is an act that is very pleasurable but it is necessary to do it with moderation because it can also have its negative part so it is important that you pay close attention and in case you have erectile dysfunction can apart from going to a good Doctor, take supplement that will help you as is the case of Testoultra which is excellent and offers very good results

Can masturbation cause erectile dysfunction? – yes or not

Before talking about whether or not masturbation causes erectile dysfunction, it is important to know that it is the maturation that consists of stimulating the sexual organs of a person or their own with their hands, by caresses, or by other means, to provide or obtain sexual pleasure It is necessary to know that it is this action begins to manifest itself at the age of adolescence, when the person begins to know sexually, both male and female have masturbated, but is more common in Men.

Masturbation is true that can be a very pleasant act but also is very true the saying that makes reference in which everything in excess is bad; It is also important to mention that masturbation manifests itself in adolescence but the problem begins when the adult fails to overcome this stage created an addiction to it, which in the end can become a dependence that ends with an erectile dysfunction.

It is also known that there are a lot of studies that are geared to determine if can masturbation cause erectile dysfunction where it is determined that the person who are habitually masturbate with images from magazines or on the computer screen, these avid consumers of pornography soon Discover that they need more and more visual stimulation and that it is becoming more and more extreme

This is because one of the most serious and common consequences of excessive masturbation is the difficulty in having normal erections, so the person wants a cure for erectile dysfunction brought about by this problem. Considering that the origin of the problem is that having an addiction for a long time has exceeded the limit of stimulation, the brain is desensitized and is unable to respond to simpler and normal stimuli so it is waiting a dose of excitement equal to or greater than he has had before and that is because the brain of many men who are addicted but receive much excitement end up suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Now once you know that can masturbation cause erectile dysfunction, you asked if this has solution, the answer is affirmative, but you will have to get you for a while from the use of pornography or put your will to solve it and some people to overcome Dysfunction problems usually use supplements like Rx24

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